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Global Skills-based hiring is a MUST to survive in a digital-first world

Building Global Tech Teams: The Talent Hunt in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is booming, and the demand for skilled professionals shows no signs of slowing down.  However, traditional resume-based hiring often overlooks qualified candidates due to factors like educational background or location. This can significantly limit your talent pool, especially when considering the wealth of skilled resources available in nearshore and offshore locations.

The common concerns we hear from businesses about near-shore or offshore resources are:

  • We don’t know how to find the right talent or if they’ll be good enough

  • We’re fearful of a language barrier

  • We don't know how to not hire locally

  • Will time zones be an issue?

Skills-Based Hiring: Unlocking Global Potential

Captios Partners understands the importance of finding the right talent, regardless of location.  This is where skills-based hiring comes in.  By shifting the focus to a candidate's demonstrably strong abilities, you can:

  • Uncover Rockstars: Discover talented individuals who might not have a traditional career path or a specific degree. Skills-based hiring allows you to access a wider pool of qualified professionals in both nearshore and offshore locations.

  • Embrace Diversity: Build a more diverse and qualified workforce with a wider range of skills and perspectives. This fosters innovation and leads to greater success for your organization.

  • Enable Cost-Effectiveness: Nearshore and offshore resources often offer competitive rates while still possessing the necessary skills for the job. Big Tech companies like Meta, Google, Amazon, etc. can afford to pay the US-based salaries required to accommodate a competitive market and high cost of living in urban areas, but SMBs don’t have to in order to enable the same technological innovation anymore.

  • Maximize Global Time Zones: Near-shore resources can accommodate US hours of operations, which is one of the great benefits of near-shore personnel - being able to easily collaborate: jump on a video call or respond to slack/Teams messages without a delay; this can be trickier with off-shore resources that may be in Asia or Eastern Europe. However, when trying to maximize output or meet a go-to-market deadline, having an around-the-clock workforce that is constantly executing is worth it (think of this like different shifts of people working on the same equipment, for example, like in the manufacturing industry).

Building Successful Teams: Beyond Skills

While skills are crucial, building successful teams requires a multi-faceted approach:

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Invest in cultural awareness training for both internal teams and new hires to bridge any cultural gaps and foster seamless collaboration.

  • Communication Strategies: Establish clear communication protocols and utilize collaboration tools to ensure smooth information flow and project management, regardless of location.

  • Ongoing Support: Provide ongoing training, mentorship opportunities, and clear career development paths for all team members, including those in nearshore and offshore locations.

The Captios Partners Advantage

Captios Partners can help you leverage the power of skills-based hiring to build strong, successful tech teams.  We have the expertise to:

  • Conduct Skills-Based Assessments: Create consistent technical assessments and coding challenges that accurately measure the skills needed for open positions.

  • Source Top Talent: Tap into our global network to identify and attract highly skilled tech professionals, both nearshore and offshore.

  • Foster Collaboration: We help bridge cultural divides and implement effective communication strategies to ensure seamless collaboration across borders.

  • Language Barrier: We talk to candidates first to ensure resources meet the language needs of clients for ease of integration and expediting hitting the ground running.


The truth is, Big Tech, has been utilizing offshore and nearshore tech talent for decades, it's part of what allows them to be constantly innovating and executing on digital and product roadmaps so expeditiously. In the competitive world of tech talent acquisition, don't let location, fear of language barriers, or ‘business as usual’ practices limit your company’s ability to execute digital or AI strategies and initiatives.  By embracing skills-based hiring, companies can unlock the full potential of global talent pools, including the wealth of skilled resources available in nearshore and offshore locations. Contact Captios Partners today and let us help you build your dream tech team and achieve your digital, AI, and product goals!

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